Syrinx Photography | About
My photography expresses the freedom I feel when I’m outdoors in nature.
My favorite images are those filled with happiness at being alive, a vital part of nature’s web.
I constantly look for that connection with the wildness of the natural world; untamed yet harmonious.
Since childhood, I’ve loved exploring nature, discovering more and more of its beauty: the creeks and streams, mountains, trails, beaches, the stars.
Now, through the lens, I try to “freeze” those images that radiate nature’s essence; those rare moments of total synchronicity of colors, shapes, contrast.
My creative vision has been strongly influenced by artists from Bill Schwab to David Baldwin to Brad Goldpaint. My photographic quest is to merge both elements inside the camera as I search for those elusive glimpses of nature’s perfection.

Choose me
I want to be your personal photographer. Choosing me for your special event means a lot. Choosing me a second time means even more. It's my honor to capture those special moments that last a lifetime.
Creative vision, style, bold imagery
These are words that describe my work. I use dimension and space to capture the true essence of a subject. When I do, I bring to life qualities often ignored by other photographers.
I've worked in many settings and my photos have appeared in popular magazines and websites. My personality helps bring out the depth of my subjects. I have experience with family portraits, commercial photography, and a vast array of other genres and situations.
Photography isn't just my job, it's my passion. Whether it's a school event, family reunion, pet portraits, or wedding photos, I want to be the photographer you always call on.