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Greetings, listening to a radio-thon for St. Jude last week and listening to the stories of the kids and families I could not help but feel the need to help give to the research and cure for cancer.  I began to think about what I could do, and how I could help.  I also know that we as a society enjoy getting things for the money we spend.  I sell my images, and they typically sell very well.  I thought what a match!  So for the entire month of March I will be donating 100% of all profits made to cancer research.  What this means is that if I sell an image for 50 dollars my profit is x dollars minus shipping and the cost of printing, that x dollars will go to research.  In addition to this program, I am offering 25% of your entire order during this time, using coupon code "cure".  Please browse my portfolio and allow your mind to get lost in the beauty I have become to know as home.  




AFIA KOFI(non-registered)
There is a joy in my heart in sending this message to the world, my life change for bad to best, my status change from HIV positive to negative, my families are all happy once again with the help of doctor TAIYE which I read a testimony about how he cure people on deadly diseases, when I told my husband him told me that he has contacted some doctor from the site that they are scams but my heart keep telling me that doctor can help me so I decide to contact him without letting my husband to know about it when I contacted him, he welcome me as daughter and give the courage that I should tell my husband all we have chat, so I did doctor and my husband started chatting and my husband confirm to me that doctor TAIYE is different that I should go on with him, so doctor ask for my detail which I send and tell me that he is going to help me without charges but only if I can buy the items to prepare the cure, that was not my problem so we get everything ready, just 7 days I receive my cure and use it as doctor Taiye instructed me, my lovely people since last week I have being going to different hospital for HIV test am confirm negative, my doctor is still surprise and contacted doctor Taiye for thanks, my name is KOFI AFIA from Ghana greater Accra, there are scams but it better you know who you are deal with, am giving you that is reading this testimony my words that doctor Taiye is a good and reputable man that think of you as a daughter or son, if you have any deadly disease contact him at it there is any thing you are not clear with contact me via my email if you are cured by doctor Taiye don’t forget you read the testimony from somebody so make yours thanks.
Dr James(non-registered)
I would like anyone reading this to help me thank Dr Balogun for saving my daughter's life with his cannabis oil which i purchased at ; My daughter was diagnosed of breast cancer which almost took her life, i got confused and when a friend asked me to purchase the cannabis oil for cancer which i did, my daughter has been her self and i am so exicted of her recovery and with the help of this oil i promise to testify to the good work of Rick Simpson oil.
contact rick at

+Call +2348105020477

I never believed in spells,not until i contacted
The great man Doctor Balogun. I'm Sharon from USA . I've been on Drugs since 2007,I was
tested HIV+. Due to some Family Issues, I had
misunderstanding with my
wife,and we went separate ways. But as i speak
now I'm now HIV-), negative my wife is
back with me and we are very happy again. I'm
Very sure this Man can help
every-one with.Als




Genital Warts





Recover Lost Glory

Recover Lost Love


Aging & longevity(Long life and maintenance)


Blood Disease

Business Boom




Do As I Say (command)

Examination Success




Fruit Of The Womb

Financial Breakthough

Fallopian Tube Blockage

General body sickness


Goiter(enlargement of the thyroid gland)

Good Luck Charm

Get Rich Without blood Ritual

Hormone imbalance

Heart Burn

Heart Failure

Heart Palpitation

High Blood Pressure



Kidney & Liver Problem

Love Ring

Marital problems

Marriage Success

Migraine(pains in the head usually in one side):

Menopause problem: HIS/HER problems.To me there is
no problem that Dr.Balogun
can't solve. HIS
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